Massive fish..We had an amazing day of fishing thanks to our guide Doi (apologies if name is spelled incorrectly). We had 5 hours of standard fishing in the morning and about 5.5 hours of arapaima fishing after lunch.Our first fish was an arapaima which was ridiculously lucky. We also caught a Siamese carp, Mekong catfish, a few red tails and a couple I can't remember the names of. We lost several but that's to be expected as some species are very hard to hook.Doi (our guide) was relentless in his efforts to get us to catch. His English was amazing and he was very knowledgeable and personable.Shaun the owner assisted with transfers from and to our hotel on the other side of the island, visited a few times throughout the day to make sure everything was ok and took a photo of the arapaima.The facilities were good. You're allocated a hut, provided with towels, ladies visit to bring you drinks or food. If there wasn't enough shade, the guide would get you an umbrella upon request. The toilets were clean, there was a pool to cool down in and the food was amazing but the portion sizes were massive. You need to try the pad Thai and iced coffee.I took a book but never picked it up. When you catch, the guide nets the fish, calms it down then tells you to get into the water if you want to hold it. When the photos are done, the fish is inspected, antiseptic spray is used if needed and the fish is released.It's easy to understand why people often return. A brilliant day was had by all.