trip of a lifetime..I got married in Koh Samui last week and took my Dad, Uncle and friend here as a thank you for my fishing trips as a young en. we were met in the bar in the morning by Shaun who was absolutley brilliant, we chatted for a while before he pointed out 5 huge Arapaima laid on the top of the water right in front of the bar, he threw some bread in and they went mad.We had the Arapaima swim all day and 3 pegs in the main pond. We landed an Arapaima on the first cast approx 180lbs followed closely by a few huge red tails and we didnt stop catching all day.the guides were great, the pond pristene and the fish un-real. We saw Shaun again after our fishing day and exchanged stories over a couple beers and vowed to be back to do it all again.We had a great day and all 4 of us caught the fish of a lifetime. Shaun thank yu for being a great host and to the guides, you were class.Highey recommended.