One of the most exciting experiences in my angling career What a great morning of fishing we had. This was without a doubt one of the most exciting experiences in my career as an angler.The lake is pretty big and along the shore are little sheds to keep you out of the sun. Food is served against relatively (even for Samui) high prices.Everything is well maintained, tidy and you can tell they take their business seriously. The gear was good quality (all Shimano), something which I find very important. It also shows in the way they treat their fish. They are not taken out of the water, before the picture they get the chance to catch their breath in the oxygen stream and their mouths are treated with iodine.The fishing itself was mental. We caught two Mehkong Catfish and one Red Tail Catfish. I think that in total we had around 10 strikes in six hours, so more than enough action. Even my wife (who normally doesn’t really care about fishing) was genuinely excited.Everybody who fishes gets their personal guide/assistant. These guys are absolutely marvelous. They do everything in their power to make you catch fish. They bait the hooks, help you cast, take pictures etc. When I was fighting one of my catches they were even throwing water over my feet to prevent them from sun burning. One time when one of the alarms went off, I jumped up to run to the rod and accidentally kicked one of my wife’s new shoes in the water. The shoe instantly sank but one of the guys jumped directly into the water and salvaged it from the bottom. Big praise to them!If you are into fishing and you happen to end up on Samui, this is must!