Best fishing adventure ever!Me and my partner came here after hearing about this place from a friend.It is the best way to spend an afternoon.We did 6 hrs fishing in the afternoon starting from 2pm.It's not the cheapest excursion, 5000baht for two people for fishing not including any food or drinks or getting there so keep that in mind if you are travelling on a budget.Our guides did most of the work for us in terms of baiting the rods and casting them but when it came to trying to reel in the fish it was all on us.I have never seen fish this huge in my life ever! The guides were very friendly and good to chat and have a laugh with. The staff from the bar were good too bringing down drinks and we also had a light meal in the late afternoon also.Highly recommend to anyone who doesn't mind a spot of fishing and would love to catch that one really big one. We caught a Giant Carp, a pacu and two mekong cat fish between the two of us.There's also a swiming pool which can be used by people fishing, or by their friends or family who are not fishing and just wanting to relax which is nice also.