Great way to spend the day!Boyfriend and I booked a 6 hour day during our visit in April. While it was a bit pricey 6000 baht all in plus another 1200 by the time we were done with food and snacks from the bar throughout the day... but we felt it was money well spent. The guide we had was wonderful and chatted us up all day and answered lots of questions and shared info about his life etc in Thailand, not one of those guides that takes over and doesn't let you do anything he basically just baited the hooks and gave a bit of a hint which direction to send the sucker!We were very successful during the day caught 120lbs Mae Kong catfish, a 65 lbs Mae Kong, a big Alligator Garp, around 120 as well, and my girlfriend was hoping against all hopes that she would catch a Chinese Redtail and boom! By the end of the day she scored herself a 100 pounder! Very stoked indeed! Only lost 2 throughout the day and the couple fishing beside us was catching as well, bringing up big piranha and Mae kong as well.Nice little fishing huts keep you out of the sun and the service is great bringing down beers and food all day. There is a nice cool little pool to hop into to rinse off the lake and refresh yourself. The grounds are really beautiful, it was a calm little oasis all day.We will return again for sure!!