Excellent fishing. A great day out.We had a great experience fishing at Bo Sang when we were in Chiang Mai but only caught 1 species. The bites at Top Cats weren't thick and fast but when you were on you were seriously on! My boys caught a reasonable Mekong each as well as powerful Siamese Carp, Asian Catfish and one finished with a beautiful Red Tailed Catfish. Throw in a Chinese Carp and Pacu and you've got yourself a bag of fish you may never even see again. It's all about the fish there so their recovery and protection means you get wet if you want a picture. Small price to pay!The guides were excellent and not intrusive unless a fish was in potential danger. Oh and if you're fishing on the café side, look over your shoulder and you'll probably see a bunch of 50kg+ Arapaima lined up along the bank in case someone throws them a tidbit. You might also be fortunate enough to get one of these guys on your line. Good luck!