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Great fishing..Fished here half dozen times now, had some huge fish. 120lb red tail catfish the best, fish of a lifetime. The guides are all really helpful and nice, the owner is a top bloke, food is very tasty. If you like fishing you will like this place. Well worth a session or two, even if you are new to fishing the guides will help you out.

Paul Y

What an experience..i booked Five days fishing here blind over the internet and was not sure what to expect when we arrived, well all i can say is it was the best fishing experiance i have had with more big fish than expected with 50 fish in five days with 7 of them over the 100lb mark. great company and service with great food and accomadation. i was worried about the wife for the five days as she hates fishing but there was plenty for her to do with the swiming pool and shopping close to the resort. the team at top cats would help with anything we needed but were alos respectful when we wanted quiet/alone time. met some great poeple and made some great friends. we enjoyed this so much we are back again in October 2015 for another four days.


Поймать монстра и сфотографироваться!Стоит посетить, если хотите поймать рыбину весом более 20 кг и потом с ней сфотографироваться. Более 6 часов брать бессмысленно. Улов всем гарантирован. Если не клюет, таец на лодке доставит ваш груз с наживкой в нужную точку и тогда поклевка 100%:) Все эмоции получаешь от вываживания, иногда это процесс затягивается на 15-20 минут. Ловили утром, клевало всего 2 вида рыб, ночью говорят поразнообразнее.

Nakkie M

One of the most exciting experiences in my angling career What a great morning of fishing we had. This was without a doubt one of the most exciting experiences in my career as an angler.The lake is pretty big and along the shore are little sheds to keep you out of the sun. Food is served against relatively (even for Samui) high prices.Everything is well maintained, tidy and you can tell they take their business seriously. The gear was good quality (all Shimano), something which I find very important. It also shows in the way they treat their fish. They are not taken out of the water, before the picture they get the chance to catch their breath in the oxygen stream and their mouths are treated with iodine.The fishing itself was mental. We caught two Mehkong Catfish and one Red Tail Catfish. I think that in total we had around 10 strikes in six hours, so more than enough action. Even my wife (who normally doesn’t really care about fishing) was genuinely excited.Everybody who fishes gets their personal guide/assistant. These guys are absolutely marvelous. They do everything in their power to make you catch fish. They bait the hooks, help you cast, take pictures etc. When I was fighting one of my catches they were even throwing water over my feet to prevent them from sun burning. One time when one of the alarms went off, I jumped up to run to the rod and accidentally kicked one of my wife’s new shoes in the water. The shoe instantly sank but one of the guys jumped directly into the water and salvaged it from the bottom. Big praise to them!If you are into fishing and you happen to end up on Samui, this is must!


Top Cats 'Top' Fishing in Koh Samui..This was the second fishing venue we visited and as I mentioned in my review for Hua Hin fishing lodge the husband is the angler so please read below for an anglers insight however i need to mention I caught a huge carp!!! This fishery is an English equivalent to a large…


Real monster fish in that lake ............The Girl can fish too 🙂 !!!I had an amazing two days of fishing with my partner. First day we only caught 4 fish in 8 hrs. That was a bit disappointing but still had a good time. So we decide to come back few days later and thx god we did !!Our second day of fishing was amazing we caught 12 fish between us, it was great fun!!The ALL the guides were great but Chad particularly.Good facilities for those who don’t like fishing & excellent food .Love to go back on my next visit.BAD POINTS :I understand,the guide really know what they are doing UNFORTUNATELY I felt like I couldn’t really do anything other than wait for them to give me the rod once a fish was on ..which was disappointing and frustrating at first. But after a very short chat with the boss( a man of very few word!) I was told that “the staff is there to do as much as you want them to !!So don’t be afraid to take over and tell them what to do .. cos you know how to fish (right ?) & you’re the one footing the bill too

Kristin Emel

Great way to spend the day!Boyfriend and I booked a 6 hour day during our visit in April. While it was a bit pricey 6000 baht all in plus another 1200 by the time we were done with food and snacks from the bar throughout the day... but we felt it was money well spent. The guide we had was wonderful and chatted us up all day and answered lots of questions and shared info about his life etc in Thailand, not one of those guides that takes over and doesn't let you do anything he basically just baited the hooks and gave a bit of a hint which direction to send the sucker!We were very successful during the day caught 120lbs Mae Kong catfish, a 65 lbs Mae Kong, a big Alligator Garp, around 120 as well, and my girlfriend was hoping against all hopes that she would catch a Chinese Redtail and boom! By the end of the day she scored herself a 100 pounder! Very stoked indeed! Only lost 2 throughout the day and the couple fishing beside us was catching as well, bringing up big piranha and Mae kong as well.Nice little fishing huts keep you out of the sun and the service is great bringing down beers and food all day. There is a nice cool little pool to hop into to rinse off the lake and refresh yourself. The grounds are really beautiful, it was a calm little oasis all day.We will return again for sure!!


My son and wanted to do some fishing while in Koh Samui, Thailand and what a place we found! All of us, my wife, teenage daughter and son all spent the afternoon at Top Cats and thoroughly enjoyed it. We got there early and had lunch, quite nice and not very expensive. Then it was time to fish. The area that they provide is quite nice, a cover "tea bed" with plenty of room for all of us, to escape the afternoon rain showers. Our guide was very experiencedm friendly and did his very best to ensure that we caught some fish.....which we did. I enjoyed a few beers and we caught several very large fish....2 of the Red Tail catfish, each over 12 kilos and a Mekong catfish around 15 kilos. All the fish fought hard. The staff take very good care of the equipment, the guests and especially the fish. What a unique and enjoyable way to doe some fishing. I would highly recommend it!


Best fishing adventure ever!Me and my partner came here after hearing about this place from a friend.It is the best way to spend an afternoon.We did 6 hrs fishing in the afternoon starting from 2pm.It's not the cheapest excursion, 5000baht for two people for fishing not including any food or drinks or getting there so keep that in mind if you are travelling on a budget.Our guides did most of the work for us in terms of baiting the rods and casting them but when it came to trying to reel in the fish it was all on us.I have never seen fish this huge in my life ever! The guides were very friendly and good to chat and have a laugh with. The staff from the bar were good too bringing down drinks and we also had a light meal in the late afternoon also.Highly recommend to anyone who doesn't mind a spot of fishing and would love to catch that one really big one. We caught a Giant Carp, a pacu and two mekong cat fish between the two of us.There's also a swiming pool which can be used by people fishing, or by their friends or family who are not fishing and just wanting to relax which is nice also.

Brian J

My 11 year old and I visited in April 2012. It was a hot day and started out slow but after a half-day we caught 6 massive fish, between 40 and 80 lb. The guides were great. Food and beverage prices are reasonable. Top cats is a very well run operation!