TopCats Fishing Resort Reviews

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Alessio Capuozzo

Una bella giornata di pesca..Il posto è molto ben curato,dove ognuno ha la sua postazione molto comoda, personale cordiale e professionale.Piccola chicca, il Wi-Fi funziona (cosa rara in Thailandia).Ampia varietà di pesci.

Mohsin M

Perfect days fishing!I have visited top cats for the past 4 years. In total I have had 6 visits. Each and every one of them has put a huge smile on my face and probably the best Lake fishing experience of my life. The guides are great. They do everything for you. You just enjoy the best part which is catching the fish. Once the fish is caught and if ud like a picture with it you gotta get in the water which is beautiful. The different variety of fishes also keeps you wondering what's next. Each visit I have averaged around 7-10 fish which I could only dream of in other countries. If your in Samui and looking for a place to fish look no further. If top cats and it's surroundings doesn't satisfy you to the max then there must be something wrong. Great place you got going shaun. I look forward to my next visit like it was my first. Thanks and see you soon.


BIG CATCH RATEI have visited Top Cats 10 times and also stayed here for a weeks fishing in the excellent accommodation available.On my most recent visit in August, I took my son for the first time so he could experience the thrill of catching the great fish here; he was not disappointed! Top Cats continues to deliver and we had a fantastic day, with over 10 fish from 50lb to 160lb including Siamese Carp, Me Kong Catfish, Arapaima and Red Tail Catfish.I have seen some negative reviews about the owner but have only ever experienced a warm and courteous welcome from him and his team. Rules are in place to protect the welfare of the fish and to maintain the integrity of this great facility.Keep up the good work and see you in February!Steve...


Amazing day at TopCats!..It was again a fantastic day. Stayed for the 3rd time. Catched 10 great fish in 12hrs. The best place for fishing in Thailand! Excellent location, perfect service and best guide (Doi 👍)! Thx for the great day.

Peter C

Best 12 hours of freshwater fishing I have ever had..If you love fishing then TopCats is worth a full day of fishing. I went with one of my mates and we had the best 12 hours of fishing, between us we caught 21 fish, including the elusive Alligator fish that my mate caught just as it was going dark. Thank you to the boys who baited and helped us all day.

Michelle R

Fishing at Top Cats..Location - very picturesque setting, quiet place to relax and unwind. Very hot but enough shade provided in seated areas by each swim Guides - our guides for the day were Beer and Tam apologise if the spelling of the names are incorrect. Both very attentive and helped when we needed help. Was also very willing to let us try anything. Communication was through some spoken English and sign which made it even more fun. Cannot rate them highly enough they even shared their midday snack of ants with us.Food - food and drink was plentiful, did not find it overly expensive and the girls serving were also friendly and attentive. The service was continuous throughout the day. As said in a previous post the bacon sandwich is a must although if your prefer thai food they have a full range.Fishing - awesome day. Myself and my partner caught so many fish we lost count as several different species. Cannot recommend it highly enough. Yes you may have to wind your lines if someone else is playing a fish. This cannot be helped as I can honestly say it feels like you have hooked a truck doing 50mph. All you can do is hang on.Owner - Shaun is a businessman who looks after his investment. We both had conversations with him and didnt find him rude or offensive in anyway as mentioned in other posts. The fish are the best cared for that I have seen anywhere.Can't recommend it highly enough filled with the day of memories we will always treasure.

Bec N

Full 12 hour day fishing, had a blast!!Went fishing at topcats while on our honeymoon in Koh Samui, spent a full 12 hours fishing. Our guides were absolutely FANTASTIC and if it wasn't for them we would not have had the chance to catch the fish we did. They spent countless hours out on the lake attracting the fish and had nothing but the most caring attitude towards the fish I have ever seen. They made sure all fish were cared for when landed, pics are taken and before swimming off. We caught 3 different species between me and my husband and my largest fish was a giant Mekong catfish writing in at around 80lb. The facilities were great with shade and toilets etc. The waiting staff were great and the food tasted good too. The only downside to it was we were told we were not allowed to bring in any drinks or food with us including water. I understand that they need to make money off their food, alcohol etc, but when your sitting out in the tropical humid heat all day and sweating your weight out in water, it sucks to have to buy so many bottles of water to keep yourself hydrated. It's the only place that we went to on our whole honeymoon where drinking water wasn't supplied. Besides that small thing, we had a great time and would definitely go back and fish it again.


Great Fishing Day.Rang the number on the site and booked for the following day believe it was with the owner who was actually away for a couple of days but it was no problem , the guy was very obliging.Arrived at 7.45 am. Really nice set up - nicer than others in other parts of Thailand. The guides were all good guys , the one we had was from Laos and was friendly and helpful. Impressed with the way all the guides were really careful with the fish . I caught two good sized Mekong catfish both really good fish. My wife came with me and also thoroughly enjoyed the day. We had lunch which was really tasty and reasonably priced. Highly recommend - so much we are planning another trip next week. Thanks Top Cats - great day.

Andrew P

Dream fishing experience..Read a few negative reviews about owner etc and all I can say is best fishing trip I have ever been on. Shaun the owner is a gentleman Tbh but takes absolutely no shenanigans from anyone visiting his lake who wants to mess about and not put the fish 1st. Great accommodation, great staff, food second to none and the fishing? Well what can I say just top class. Had carp to 100 lb, meekong to 85lb, pacu to over 20lb. I was there to specifically target large Asian carp and it didn't disappoint. Be going back very very soon.

Cheburan K

TopCats Fishing Resort Koh Samui Thailand..Я с детства люблю рыбалку - папа рыбак. И не могла не воспользоваться случаем побывать здесь. Эмоции переполняли. Рыбы нереальных размеров!

Richard S

Top Fische bei bester Bewirtung !!Wir haben dort 5 Siam karpfen bis 100 Pfund gefangen !! 1 mekongwels und einen Krokodil Fisch ! Arapaima Ham wir auch gesehen aber leider nicht erwischt ! Top Guides , besonders wie behutsam hier mit den Fischen umgegangen wird !! Echt der Hammer !! Essen superlecker u riesige Portionen ! Es waren wirklich alle!!! Lieb und nett !! Einfach ein muss für Angler . Jedoch zum happigen Preis ! S is aber echt wert

Ross B

River Monsters!!!!I just came for a morning fish, emailed staff the day before and they said come on! I came during the slower season in Koh Samui and had the place to myself. Staff was friendly, Doi and Yutk (sorry, probably messed these names up) were awesome!! They were great guides and fun to hang with. They however do all the work and its best they do. I am an experienced fisherman but they know their equipment and their fish. They set the hook and let you enjoy the ride. I agree it is best for the fish, especially in a catch and release park like this one.Had a blast and love fishing and had to do this in Thailand. I recommend this park over day charters personally. More of chance to catch a fish and these fish are HUGE!! Come enjoy and get some awesome pics!On getting there: Signage is on the road is good and my taxi knew where to go. I was staying on north side of the island, Topcats was about half way around from me. The taxi was 1000Bt which seemed pricey but the ride took 45 minutes to get there. Also my taxi came back at the time I told him, so for me worth a little extra. However more local transit could be taken but may have to walk 1/2 kilometer to place.As it took 45 minutes to get there, I miscalculated my timing and arrived at 9 (6 hour morning session is 8-2). The staff said no problem and let me fish until 3. This place is great and I highly recommend!