TopCats Fishing Resort Reviews

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David V

Super!..Super accueil, équipe au top, que du bonheur !! Adrénaline garantie dans un cadre de rêve. Je recommande a tout les passionné de sensations fortes.

Gert V

Veel geld..Het begon al in de ochtend afgesproken om 7 uur maar ze waren er pas om 8 uur ze zeiden dat ze geweest waren maar we stonden al klaar om 6.45 maar om 8 uur kwam de taxi ik vond het al gek dat we mensen op moesten halen om 8.30 in een ander hotel dus ik dacht die spaart een taxiritje uit en slaat zo 2 vliegen in een klap,ik had 6 uur afgesproken maar het werden er 5,ik heb 5 keer beet gehad iedere keer was het iets 2 keer de lijn kapot 3 keer de haak kapot ik betaalde 4000 bath,dat verwacht je toch goed materiaal sorry topcats dat ik voel me genaait voor mij nooit meer topacts fishing koh samui

Mark S

Fishing Trip of a lifetime for my 40th..I stumbled across TopCats during a holiday with my fiancé in Feb 2017 and couldn’t resist making an enquiry. It was a fairly busy time of the year but after speaking with the owner Shaun, he was able to book me in for a morning session later that week. I returned with my partner and I fished. The Thai guides were superb and really try hard to help you catch. Shaun was welcoming and the food served whilst in your swim was delicious. It was a 6 hour session that left me very hungry for more. I had pacu, lost a few fish but managed a 70lb plus Siamese Carp right at the death. I was elated.I returned in December for my 40th for a week. A self indulgent treat, but why not.Shaun arranged transport from the airport and I was met with a warm greeting on my arrival in spite of being very late due to lost luggage. I stayed in one of the lakeside bungalows and boy was I ready for the bed. It was extremely comfortable with a wet room, king size bed, fridge with a freezer and a tv not that I watched it. It sure beat the hell out of staying in a Bivvy and each morning I woke up fresh ready for another awesome days fishing.I was thoroughly spoilt. I caught just over 100 fish 60 of which were between 40lb - 150lb. I caught not one but 2 Arapaima on my 40th which was a dream come true. I also smashed my previous PB several times over and the biggest Carp was over 100lb. I caught Mekong, gorgeous Redtail catfish up to about 85-90lb, Chinese carp, Black minnow shark, Niger Catfish. The most I caught in a day was 20 fish plus a few lost but I actually conceded at 20 as I was exhausted. Although I could fish 8am to 8pm I rarely did with the exception of my last day.The trip couldn’t have been better, my guide Tam taught me some great ways to catch Mekong on the drop and went out of his way to ensure that as soon as I’d returned a fish. My first rod was ready and waiting to be re cast after being wound in during battle. Even though I’ve fished since I was 11 I learned a great deal and the trip ignited my appetite for fishing again it was like I’d rediscovered the passion I had for it as a young boy.The food menu is varied and all the dishes I had were fantastic. I hired a car for the evenings to venture out to see other parts of the island and dine out just for a change of scene and get a good massage. I was concerned that Shaun might have been a bit put out by that but it mattered not a bit. I’ve heard some of these fishing lakes in Thailand insist you buy all your food at the venue, but all Shaun was concerned about was that I enjoyed my time there.The lake is close to shops and restaurants so I was never at a lose end in the evening. It was perfect.The thing that impressed me the most was the emphasis on fish care. All the guides have clearly been well schooled by Shaun and proved invaluable when I caught species I’d never caught before. Iodine is in every swim and the entire lake is aerated so fish can be held over the oxygen to enable recovery after hard fights. I didn’t catch or see a single damaged fish, they were all in top condition. A real testament to Shaun and his team.Overall I had the holiday of a lifetime for what I considered excellent value for money and I would not hesitate to go again. I spoke to some anglers from Singapore who have fished all over Thailand and they confirmed that TopCats was by far the best venue they had visited.

John C

Excellent fishing. A great day out.We had a great experience fishing at Bo Sang when we were in Chiang Mai but only caught 1 species. The bites at Top Cats weren't thick and fast but when you were on you were seriously on! My boys caught a reasonable Mekong each as well as powerful Siamese Carp, Asian Catfish and one finished with a beautiful Red Tailed Catfish. Throw in a Chinese Carp and Pacu and you've got yourself a bag of fish you may never even see again. It's all about the fish there so their recovery and protection means you get wet if you want a picture. Small price to pay!The guides were excellent and not intrusive unless a fish was in potential danger. Oh and if you're fishing on the café side, look over your shoulder and you'll probably see a bunch of 50kg+ Arapaima lined up along the bank in case someone throws them a tidbit. You might also be fortunate enough to get one of these guys on your line. Good luck!

Bastien F

Belle journée !J'ai passé une journée avec ma copine chez Topcats et pour une première pêche au big fish pour elle, il y a eu des sensations. Les guides ne parlent pas très bien anglais mais sont tres compétents en matière de pêche. Les combats avec ces poissons sont costauds.Malgré tout, les prix sont vraiment très élevés. Nous avons sorti 8 poissons, j'aurais bien voulu avoir plus de touches pour le prix. Je ne mets pas complément la faute sur topcats, un client à côté de nous a fait plus de 20 touches pendant l'après-midi alors que nous pêchions avec le même guide côte à côte.Prévoir un bon budget pour les consommations.Mais je suis bien content d'avoir pu sortir un beau Red Tail Cat Fish.

Алексей К

Озеро TopCats..Обязательно вернемся и еще помаем рыбов))) Организовано все до мелочей и привезут и научат и увезут..

Terrance B

Not to be missed..Me and a friend done a six hour morning session my friends first time fishing experience and he caught four fish to sixty pound and lost one I had 3 fish with my biggest being 70lb Siamese carp wow what a fight these give you my friend couldn't believe that fish could be so powerful .The lads that help you all speak English and are very knowledgeable about the lake and very helpful and while we were enjoying the fishing our wives made use of the pool and sunbathing it's not a cheap session but when you catch these monsters it's worth every penny I've also got my friend hooked as we are going back next week for an afternoon session once again thanks to Shaun and all his staff for a memory that will always last and can't wait for next week


A once in a lifetime experience..I arrived at topcats to a warm welcome from the owner Shaun. What can I say about this venue, it is absolutely amazing.I ended up with 17 fish in my all day session including a red tail catfish at 100lbs, and a Siamese carp at 80lbs!!The food was absolutely lovely as well and more than reasonably priced.The fish are so well looked after, in mint condition and the guide I had was honestly one of the most genuine and helpful people I have ever met.People say it is expensive on here but you are paying for something truly amazing and as I said a once in a life time experience, for me it is worth every single penny.Am already desperate to go back!!Thank you Shaun and hopefully I will see you again


Awesome fishing, the power of these fish is just amazingThere have been a few negative reviews of Topcats here and we would like to counter a few of the things that have been said.1) The transfers are not a rip off - we consulted elsewhere on the price of a taxi before we rang to book and the price of the arranged transport from here was as cheap, if not cheaper than the estimate price of a normal taxi, and they wait around for you if you are slightly late finishing because you are still playing a fish.2) You have to buy water/drinks/food on site and can't take you own - and?? What's wrong with that - lots of places have a similar rule (cinemas etc.) and you live with that. This is a business, there are staff to pay, fish to look after, tackle to buy/replace etc. - you can't expect someone to not make a profit. The prices are in no way outrageous, obviously they are more than the 7-11 but it means that you get cold drinks all day long for around 50p for a bottle of water?!?! And the burgers were amongst the juiciest we have had anywhere in the world - and we have had a few burgers :)Right - to the review. Only M was fishing, paying for the 6 hour experience. I am an experienced fisherman in the UK, but my biggest fish before going here was 16lb for a carp and 10lb for a catfish. Well, no longer, for one at least. S was there to watch, take pictures and relax by the pool (and mop the sweat from M's brow while playing fish).The guides know what they are doing (if you doubt that then watch their casting accuracy) and so take advantage of them - they want you to catch fish and enjoy yourself, and come back.In the 6 hours of fishing I had 6 runs. I missed two but managed to hit into 4 others. One I lost after only a few minutes, the 45lb braid hooklink bitten through, to cries of "Pacu" from the guides - look it up - giant piranha style fish. One was a alligator gar, this didn't really fight much, well until it was in the net. Even the guides treat these with a large amount of caution, netting them from the bank before getting in the water. It wasn't a giant - probably somewhere between 15-20lbs, but the pictures look awesome with the toothy display. The other 2 were both Mekong cats - one of around 50lbs and the other closer to 60lbs. Boy do these guys pull!! That is 50-60lbs of pure muscle and they will quite probably take you all round the lake. I still have faint bruises over a week later from the rod butt!! Unfortunately no carp - but it just makes me want to go back!!Ok - this isn't the cheapest thing you can do on the island, but you are getting around 6 hours entertainment for approx. £70, cheaper than going to the football. And where in the UK can you just rock up, be given all the appropriate gear, all the help you need and be almost guaranteed of getting your rod pulled, literally, and catch the fish of a lifetime, all within a few hours??Tips. If you catch something you are going to want to get in the water to get your picture taken with it, so wear something suitable for getting in and out. There are no pictures taken with the fish on the bank, and rightly so, to avoid damage to the fish, so if you want a picture you have to get in.These fish pull. I mean really pull. My shoulders were aching after the first cat. If you are not prepared for this then you could find yourself pulled in, so be prepared. This is not something for someone who is too small/young etc.And there is also the rabbits and the hedgehogs to talk to - that almost guaranteed a 5* review without the fishing - just so you know who wrote this review :)You can hire accommodation for the week - you don't know how tempting this is, maybe for the future, those big carp are still in there, along with the pacu and the red tails - it was a very, very hot day, even for Thailand when we were there, and the fish were still biting around the lake

Claire D

Nigel davis..What an amazing place very friendly and tadpole the fishing guide was super drinks and plenty of huge fish to catch..worth every penny..well done Shaun and team.

Chris Samui

Best Fishing in Samui..Booked in advance for the best spot available... full day with 4 friends. The assistance and advice from the expert guides exceeded our expectations, as did the steak sandwiches and complimentary take away beers for the transfer back which was organised by our agent. Despite the rain, which may have improved the fishing... we we're kept comfortable and warm and had a good laugh with the guides.... We each caught a fantastic trophy fish and got some amazing photos! We look forward to visiting next time and hopefully catching a bit of sunshine too!


My fishing experince at Topcats freshwater fishing resort..I had an absolute fantastic days fishing at topcats freshwater fishing resort i would like to thank shaun and all his staff for making my day so memorable its is the first time i have been fishing for a number of years. Our guide whom assisted us throughout the day was excellent i most certainly be making a return visit when i visit koh samui again and would definately recommend to family and friends if you are interested in fishing. Thanks again shaun and team for making my days fishing such a fantastic day best wishes Chris