TopCats Fishing Resort Reviews

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First class venue..My husband has had 4 days fishing here .. he has caught 10 different species of fish up to 240lb and 58 fish in total. The venue and guides are fantastic. Excellent eatery and service by the lovely ladies. Excellent family atmosphere. Venue clean with spotless facilities. Plus a lovely plunge pool and sun bathing area. Highly recommended by us.


Return Visit..In February this year on a trip for my sons wedding, we booked a trip to Topcats. We swore we would have a return Visit. On Friday 30/8/19 we came back. My son, my daughter in law , my wife (who doesn’t fish) and myself. We had an amazing day, we caught lots of fish, many different varieties, and all of them pristine and turbocharged. Our fishing helpers were excellent and worked very hard to ensure we had a great day. Our ladies who brought us food and drinks (always with a smile) were great , and looked after us very well. Shaun is always on hand to help anyway he can, and is a very knowledgable angler himself. We all had a great day, Paula said thank you for the Bali bed, but could you arrange for more sunshine next time.Thanks again Shaun and staff, you were amazing, and again, we will be back. 😁


My father 70+ had a 4 hour session,he thoroughly enjoyed it,catching 3 siamese carp and a catfish.The guide Toy really took care of the my father and the fish.


Fishing at its best.We visited top cats last year and had 3 x 6 hour sessions, we loved it so we booked a villa for 3 nights and did 2 x 12 hour sessions and 1 x six hour session Day one landed a total of 12 fish largest 130lb Mekong catfish and landed various other fish siamese carp, red tail to 80lb so not a bad day.2nd day total of 28 fish pulled out with a 80lb retail topping the day of nicely roughly had 1100lb in weight out boy I 3 well this was amazing paid bit extra to go for Arapaima hooked into a 200lb manage to net it and it burst through the net and snapped me off. landed a smaller 70lb one half way through. then with 5 minutes left bang landed a 300lb beauty. had a total of 13 fish in the session. Anyone remotely into fishing if your in Koh Samui its a must do.The accommodation very clean huge bed very comfy with satellite Tv in rooms fridge etc, Tim done all our clothes washing, the food is superb and decent price.All in all this place is a Fishermans paradise

Tony K

6 hour visit..Had a 6 hour visit fantastic day 4 large carp ranging from around 30 biggest about 85 plus red tail cat around 100 fishing guide Tom excellent thanks top cats

Patrick h

Monster fishing.Alles op en top geregeld!!! Echt een topdag gehad met maar liefst meer dan 20 vissen gevangen!!! Jammer genoeg meerdere arapaima 's verspeeld. Over de vis gidsen heb ik maar 1 ding te zeggen kanjers ze doen er echt alles aan om vis voor je op de kant te krijgen, de dames voorzien je heel de dag van drinken en eten. Ik heb in eerdere reviews gelezen dat er een paar mensen hebben geklaagd over de prijzen en de eigenaar vind ik totaal niet terecht!!Het is een aardige kerel die zijn zaken goed op orde heeft als je bij het resort aankomt hoe netjes alles is, het sanitair etc 't eten echt goed is. Vind ik niet dat je mag klagen over de prijs!! Tuurlijk gaat daar werk inzitten!!Mensen in mijn optiek echt een aanrader en ik ga hier zeker nog een x terug.Voor mij een dag om niet te vergeten!!


trip of a lifetime..I got married in Koh Samui last week and took my Dad, Uncle and friend here as a thank you for my fishing trips as a young en. we were met in the bar in the morning by Shaun who was absolutley brilliant, we chatted for a while before he pointed out 5 huge Arapaima laid on the top of the water right in front of the bar, he threw some bread in and they went mad.We had the Arapaima swim all day and 3 pegs in the main pond. We landed an Arapaima on the first cast approx 180lbs followed closely by a few huge red tails and we didnt stop catching all day.the guides were great, the pond pristene and the fish un-real. We saw Shaun again after our fishing day and exchanged stories over a couple beers and vowed to be back to do it all again.We had a great day and all 4 of us caught the fish of a lifetime. Shaun thank yu for being a great host and to the guides, you were class.Highey recommended.


Best Day Fishing Ever..Had a holiday on Koh Samui mid February and had the best day fishing ever with 3 friends at TopCats fishing resort, it's a fabulous location with well maintained lakes, the guides were excellent. Could not have asked for a better or more exciting days fishing, we all caught the fish of a lifetime including Arapaima, redtail catfish, Mekong catfish siamese carp and alligator gar.Shaun was an excellent and friendly host, he took some great photos for us to come home with, thanks for a great memorable day - we'll definitely be back soon


Best day of our lives.In February this year we were in Koh Samui for my sons wedding. For a treat he took myself my fishing mate and my brother along to TopCats, he said it was payback for taking him fishing when he was young. He told of monster size fish that were there for the taking if we were up for it.We had great expectations but nothing like what happened. We caught massive fish, Arapaima, Red tail cats, Mekong cats Alligator gar, all in beautiful relaxed surroundings. Shaun was the perfect host, took some amazing photos for us, kept us supplied with cold beer, and a massive bacon and egg sandwich. Our guides worked hard all day to ensure we caught our fish of a lifetime, thanks lads, and the ladies who made breakfast and brought beer to the lake. Truly was the best days fishing ever.Recommend.Note to Shaun, I have just booked to visit my son in Singapore 🇸🇬 August/September so you will be getting an e mail to get us another day.


Great fishing..lovely well maintained place, large number of stock to ensure you get runs, guides help you alot and make a big effort to catch. some hidden gem fish in there also in regards to size, fish well over 100lbs. only thing stopping me giving 5 stars is the miserable sod that owns it, never smiles or talks and when he does, its like your 5ft beneath him,but you wont talk to him much so happy days


Massive fish..We had an amazing day of fishing thanks to our guide Doi (apologies if name is spelled incorrectly). We had 5 hours of standard fishing in the morning and about 5.5 hours of arapaima fishing after lunch.Our first fish was an arapaima which was ridiculously lucky. We also caught a Siamese carp, Mekong catfish, a few red tails and a couple I can't remember the names of. We lost several but that's to be expected as some species are very hard to hook.Doi (our guide) was relentless in his efforts to get us to catch. His English was amazing and he was very knowledgeable and personable.Shaun the owner assisted with transfers from and to our hotel on the other side of the island, visited a few times throughout the day to make sure everything was ok and took a photo of the arapaima.The facilities were good. You're allocated a hut, provided with towels, ladies visit to bring you drinks or food. If there wasn't enough shade, the guide would get you an umbrella upon request. The toilets were clean, there was a pool to cool down in and the food was amazing but the portion sizes were massive. You need to try the pad Thai and iced coffee.I took a book but never picked it up. When you catch, the guide nets the fish, calms it down then tells you to get into the water if you want to hold it. When the photos are done, the fish is inspected, antiseptic spray is used if needed and the fish is released.It's easy to understand why people often return. A brilliant day was had by all.

Graydon Goss

Awesome time fishing at Top Cats! A must go!!!So I went for 2 half day (6 hour) trips to Top Cats fishing resort during my stay in Koh Samui and I could not have been happy enough! For a person that loves fishing this is the ultimate destination. Over the 2 half days I caught a total of 13 fish with most of them Weighing 60-80 pounds and one giant Mekong Catfish that was estimated to weigh 150 pounds! The venue itself is very well run and your fishing guides are awesome and very skilled at what they do. The owner is also a very nice guy who was more than happy to book me in on the two trips at very short notice. I could not recommend this place enough. Will definitely be back in the future for another once in a life time experience.